Stone Medical Group

Chuck Rose

UPDATE: After trying forever to edit my original post and failing, I decided to just add an additional review. My initial experience with Stone was bad (see below), but Patrick read the review, contacted me and went out of his way to make it right. He was incredibly friendly, very knowledgeable, and an amazing masseuse - one I would highly recommend. Thanks again for providing s great experience, Patrick, and sorry it took me so long to update my review!

Paulina Sanchez

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Patrick really knows what he is doing, I got an introductory session and he really addressed my problem areas. It was a great session and I feel much better now. Definitely going back!

Mari Smith

I'm totally blown away by the exceptional massage techniques and professional service!! I was looking for a very skilled deep tissue massage therapist and searched on Google. I was so excited to discover this hidden gem right in my 'back yard' -- I've lived in the area for many years and never knew about Stone Medical Group.

I've been a member of Massage Envy since 2009 and it can be really hit or miss with the skill level and experience of the therapists there. When I find a superb one, invariably they don't stay. Boohoo. :( So, I began looking for a local business that I could try out -- one that offered an array of services, but particularly really good deep tissue massage.

I totally hit the jackpot with Patrick Stone and his team. I booked a 90-minute Integrative Deep Tissue massage with Patrick and, although there were definitely extremely uncomfortable moments in the session, afterwards I felt amazing. Like a whole new lease of life, released from deep within my muscles and lymphatic system. I gave him a big tip and booked a package of 3 more sessions on the spot!!

Woohoo - two thumbs way up!!

Michelle Escala
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Ahhhh... Patrick does a phenomenal deep tissue massage. Really knows his stuff and how best to address problem areas.

Crystal Folk
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I love these guys. They are amazing massage therapist. Christian and Patrick are top notch, they see what you need done and get it done. They technique, pressure, and timing is all perfect. I can't wait till my next one, thinking about it makes me melt into the table.

Sandra Mardonovich

Christian is an amazing massage therapist! He has very strong hands and really knows how to get the knots out and loosen up the tension. Christian worked on my right shoulder which has been an issue for me these last few months; he listened to what I said and did a really great job, I'm going back for more! I highly recommend this place.

Vicki Graff
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Very professional, great massage

Nari T

Hands-down the best massages I have ever received in my life! I am very picky about massages, and after the first massage I received from Patrick I was hooked. He is passionate about his work, listens to what you are feeling, and gives you a fantastic treatment that will leave you feeling like a new person. I personally like strong, deep tissue massages, and he is always able to find the root of the issues and help me to relax while he works out all the kinks. I highly recommend Stone for any aches and pains you may be having - you won't regret it!

Patti Guthrie

I had a deep tissue massage with Patrick. He is amazing! He knows what he's doing. I really appreciate how he listens to what your concerns are and then focuses on those areas. I had a knotted up shoulder that didn't show up any problems in an MRI but I didn't have full mobility with it since I had fallen and caught myself some ten years earlier. Now all that stiffness is gone and that deep ache is gone. My middle back pain - same thing - knotted up, now it's not. Deep tissue massage is tough but Patrick helps you breathe through the releasing of all those knots. Afterwards, Patrick gave me some great tips for after massage therapy. Paid off, too! I was so much less sore! Now I feel great! What a difference! Can't wait to go again and tackle some other problem areas.

I think if you are someone who has had some chronic problems like I have had, then you will really appreciate Patrick's expertise. He's professional - listens, attends to what your concerns are, and then follows up with after care.

Stevann Hamilton

A lifetime of sports, minor mountain biking/snowboarding injuries, and advancing age have made me an expert in seeking out chiropractic care and massage therapists. Before I serendipitously met Patrick a couple of years ago, I had had hundreds of massages. Not one came close to the knowledge, expertise and professionalism I've come to know in Patrick. Patrick has the unique ability to work though the knots and scar tissue that I (unfortunately) have too much of.

Recently I went in for a long overdue treatment. Without any direction, he worked well beyond the allotted time to break up my tightened muscles simply because he cared enough so that I would feel relief. He worked on that small cervical area for 2 hours, never showing any indication of boredom. Already beyond my time, he still ventured to find additional areas that needed attention. I didn't realize that I had been there for 2.5 hours until after I left. I came in barely able to turn my head and left with increased range of motion, Two days later my chiropractor palpated my neck and back and moved on to other things. When I asked if he would adjust my neck, he said no, I didn't need it.

I'm so grateful I found Patrick. I sincerely recommend him and his beautiful facility to anyone, athlete, loved one or friend. You should certainly try him, you'll be grateful you did.

Trixie Handy

I would follow Patrick anywhere! His knowledge, technique, skill and caring attitude to give you the ultimate experience is by far the best experience every time I book my appointments! I am so proud of him, that he has established his own practice now. This allows him to give the personalized attention to his clients each and every time. I don't feel like just a dollar bill walking in the door for a business any longer!! I would recommend his services to everyone.

Nancy Morris

Patrick is the best massage therapist I have ever gone to. After my first visit I purchased a years worth of therapy and have been going to him for several months now. He is a true healer and very professional as well as a caring and warm person. He keeps my body well balanced and happy. My husband as well as several of my friends go to him and they have been extremely satisfied. Patrick is the real deal and a very caring person. He takes his therapy seriously and knows the body top to bottom. His new office in Escondido is great. I would give him a million stars if I could.

Melody Hall

So amazing!! Just got a massage by Patrick and it was the best I have ever had! He really does know the body and he explains everything to you. I've never known someone so dedicated and have so much passion in what he does and it definately shows through his work. Great customer service and so down to earth and friendly. Definitely will be coming back for many many more massages!

Nicky Owens

If I could give Patrick more than 5 stars, I would. I am very picky about my massage therapists as some either don't know the anatomy of the body or their pressures are off. I am in grad school so I frequently need massages due to the amount of stress I'm under and Patrick is a local secret gem. My mom is also picky and I got her a massage for Christmas and she now gets jealous each time I've gone to see Patrick. We're taking a roadtrip from WA to AZ and of course have to make a stop just for a massage from Patrick. He's THAT good. His knowledge of anatomy is outstanding and knows how to work/massage each muscle from its insertion to its origin without creating any discomfort. His energy work is spot on as I've been treated the same way with my back injuries. I absolutely love him. THANK YOU PATRICK! (and thanks again for fixing my thumb issues!)

Victor Rincon

On my first visit, Patrick was able to reduce a huge knot in my shoulder that I've had for years. I've been to 3 different doctors to see what it was or what to do only leaving with no answers and no help. Patrick was able to explain to me what it was and was able to reduce the size of it and the pain. He was professional and easy to talk to. Would highly recommend!

Sherry Simmons

Very specific, effective massage by Patrick. I had several specific muscle/nerve issues that feel significantly better after the 1st treatment. It is uncommon in my experience to find a massage therapist with the in-depth knowledge that Patrick has of anatomy and the specific trigger points that create neck and back pain.

Jon Prince

Patrick knows his business and customer satisfaction is priority one. I see him for Integrated Deep Tissue Therapy, which is one of his specialties. I would highly recommend him!

Hugo walker

What a great experience! Everything from booking an appointment online, finding a Groupon for my one hour deep tissue massage, easy access from the 78 and even minmal pre-massage paperwork made this visit the best thing I have done since moving to CA more than a year ago. I have been hampered by lingering plantar's fasciitis for over 7 months and needed work done on my lower legs and feet. Lian (pronounced Lee Anne) was my therapist for my first time visit. She questioned me briefly on the nature of my injury and then set to her work. She gave me a very thorough massage, knowing without having to ask which areas needed the most attention. My legs, feet and mind (!) haven't been this pain free since the beginning of last summer!! Lian's deep tissue massage was *exactly* what I was hoping for! I cannot recommend her enough!!

Wendie Soucier

This is the place to be when you need a massage. As someone who has a physical job, the staff at Stone Medical is amazzzzing. I have recommended Patrick and his staff to friends and family and everyone has had positive feedback!

Rachel Chapman

Patrick is the absolute best. I have a shoulder problem, which moves around a bit. He can follow the muscle and work it out all the way to my hand. Very therapeutic!

Jane Neener

Patrick is simply the best!

Robin Singleton

Best massage from Patrick!